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Coleman Management Consultants, Inc. was formed in 1980 to assist organizations in fully utilizing all of their human resources. We started with helping organizations to better understand the new Civil Rights legislation of the sixties and later to help them understand the need to change their organization’s culture to prepare for and to embrace their growing diverse populations. This required awareness and sensitivity training for all executives, managers and associates, as well as seeking the best practices of more inclusive policies and practices.

Areas that we can be of help include:
  • Auditing your current organization’s culture, attitudes and the effectiveness of current initiatives via computer surveys
  • Design and conduct awareness and sensitivity training for all levels (includes e-learning and T3)
  • Design and conduct Empowerment and Leadership training for all level and Employee Resource Groups (includes e-learning and T3)
  • Keynote speaker at conferences and organizational meetings
  • Design and/or enrich current Mentoring Programs

Empowerment and Leadership Training



and the definer of the “Unwritten Rules" and the “Seven Levels” that control our societal and organizational systems.  This is must know information in order to manage your career and the careers of others.  The P.I.E. Theory explains the formula for career advancement.  The weight value of each component is:

Performance – 10%
Image – 30%
Exposure – 60%

"Work hard and you’ll get ahead!" We've heard that all our lives, but has it worked? Has your hard work often gone unnoticed or have others who have not worked as hard as you moved on, leaving you behind? "Empowering Yourself... The Organizational Game Revealed" tells why your career might be slowing or has hit the "glass ceiling." For the first time, the "unwritten rules" that controls our system have been defined and "written". Whether your definition of success is increased credibility in your current assignment or moving up the organizational ladder, this information will give you the knowledge to make the proper decisions to accomplish your goals.

This book and/or training will, as never before, allow you to know how "the system" works and how "the game" should be played. This will allow your choices to be more meaningful and productive. Without the information, personal decisions will be hollow and careers will be left to the dictates of the system. After learning the rules, events in your organizations will make sense; the advice from your mentor will be better understood; and even your evaluation of the evening news will take on new excitement simply because you understand the game.

It is impossible to win any game if you do not know the rules. Mr. Coleman’s book and CMC’s training, in a simple and straight forward manner, gives us the rules we need to be successful. This information can level the playing field for all individuals.

Diversity and Inclusion Training

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The pressures that are on the military and government agencies to accomplish ever more difficult missions and for profit organizations to compete for now global market share; all organizations must utilize their now diverse employee population. However, for Diversity to be effective in any organization, there must be an on-going program with constant reinforcement. In the first wave of training, some key issues must be addressed and questions answered. Some of these issues include, defining what diversity is, why should anyone personally commit, learning the basic skills that are needed to be effective in a diverse world and understanding the benefits to the individual and the organization for embracing diversity.

What is Diversity?

Although race and gender are important considerations in the diversity effort, it is also important to define diversity in broader terms that include all of the organization’s employees. Areas such as age, personality types, regional differences, communication styles, family situations (single, single parents, dual career families etc.), educational backgrounds, sexual orientation, the different cultures that form from merged organizations and departments, political philosophies, and many more;  all should be included in how diversity should be defined.

Barriers to Valuing Diversity

There are many barriers that can prevent the valuing of diversity. Included in these are the values and past practices of the organization, the lack of priority that is placed on diversity by executives and managers and the early messages and experiences we have stored up in our subconscious value tapes as individuals. All of these items need to be discussed, but the area that is most in the participants’ control is their own "personal value tape recorder." In a non-confrontational way, we get participants to self-examine the messages in their "personal values gut level tape recorder" to determine how effective those old messages are in these rapidly changing times. Only then will participants be motivated to change old values. We feel we have some excellent methods and exercises to accomplish this objective.


Empowering Yourself: The Organizational Game Revealed

Second Edition

"Empowering Yourself" gives a blueprint plan on how to avoid the glass ceiling. This book, as never before, takes you into the critical area of the unwritten rules that are so important in a successful career or life. You must and will understand how the system works and how the game is played. After all, it is impossible to win at any game if you do not know the rules!

Rules of the Game for High School, College and Life

The decisions in life’s game begin with children who enter the seventh grade. This is when they start to make the choices in school that will affect them for the rest of their lives. This book, along with the discussion guide, will help the child with adult guidance, better understand some of the choices they are making in their school environment.

Rules of the Game for High School, College and Life, An instructors guide for parents, teachers and youth leaders
1. "Empowering Yourself: The Organizational Game Revealed"
2. "Rules of the Game for High School/College/Life"
3. "Rules of the Game for High School/College/Life…Discussion Guide for Parents, Teachers and Youth Leaders"

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